Nitze et Dargan (1938)

A History of French Literature de William Nitze et Preston Dargan, dont la première édition date de 1921, est typique des ouvrages conçus pour les étudiants anglo-saxons.  Pour le théâtre, seuls Corneille, Molière et Racine sont pris au sérieux. Par exemple :

Compared to his contemporaries Racine is like an oasis in a desert. Pradon imitated him but is remembered only by his opposition with respect to Phèdre. Quinault and Thomas Corneille had of course been wholly outdistanced.

Neanmoins, Quinault mérite une phrase positive : 

Quinault's Stratonice (1660) approached opera in harmonious lyrism and in mere elegance of expression.

William A. Nitze et E. Preston Dargan, 

A History of French Literature from the Earliest Times to the Present

3e édition, New York, Holt, 1938, p. 322, 315.